Mayacamas Partners

Inspiration and Innovation for Organizational Impact
Mayacamas Partners is a unique consultancy which propels clients to achieve audacious goals.  Mayacamas Partners was born from the belief that too often consultants share what the client wishes to hear instead of what the client needs to hear.  We commit to being supportive catalysts for change, powerful thought-partners and truth-tellers.

Bringing our experience as founders, entrepreneurs, operators, and cross-sector leaders, we wish to give the client the experience we rarely had with consultants - one that is profoundly valuable, deeply personal, and allows our clients to be innovative, impactful, and inspirational.

We partner with a very select client base ranging from grass-roots non-profits to multi-billion dollar public companies.  All of our clients have strong core values and leadership and are looking for a thought-partner and critical friend to guide them on their paths.  Founded by Suzanne McKechnie Klahr in 2019, Mayacamas Partners helps organizations in the public and private sectors achieve audacious goals.
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